OOAK Handmade, Witchy Protection Chimes

    Infused with protection from negative energy, curses, hexes, jinxes, bad karma, negative juju, spell work or illness. Nothing is getting past this sucker. 

    These are intuitively made with Natural Jute Cord, Witchy Charms, Beads, Protective Gemstones and Feathers.You can always add to it as well. 

    Each one is Approx 3’ in length. Each Chime has three strands. That’s 9’ of protective goodness! 

    Place your Enchanted Chimes at your main door, above your bed, or in a window. They will sound when moved by the wind or a fan. 

    Recommended for indoors only. 

    Yours will be similar to the one in the photos. Keep in mind they are all a bit different, as they are made by hand. I use what I have in stock. 

    Custom orders are available if you have a theme or color preference. Just send me a message. I will create for all denominations and spiritual practices.