• 108 Triquetra Wenge Wood Mala


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    One of a kind Wenge Wood Mala with Tassel.

    108 Prayer beads with spacer beads, to assist with your counts. 

    Soft Embroidery Thread Tassel. 

    Mala measures - 38" with a 2.5" drop.

    Tassel measures - 3.5"

    Magical Wenge Wood from South Africa.

    Wenge is not only a beautiful wood to look at, but also a wonderful magical tool. It possesses a very relaxed energy, encouraging slow, even thought. It is the perfect tool for meditation, especially for those who have trouble slowing their thoughts. It is also a healing wood, useful for a variety of physical, as well and emotional healing applications. Worn on the body, this wood creates a more even mood and centered thought.

    *A common Mala Mantra is to recite the mantra 'Om Shanti' with each bead, 108 times. Om Shanti is a Sanskrit term, meaning God Peace or Divine Peace. The reason for reciting your mantra 108 times, is to fill all 108 Chakra meridians (Energy centers) with the energy of peace and love. This includes your vibration, as well as the vibration of your space.