• Wealth Bowl Starter Kit


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    Wealth Bowl Starter Set 

    One of the most delightful ways to stimulate more income, opportunity, and the accumulation of wealth, is to create your own wealth bowl.

    This wealth bowl starter set includes, a green glass bowl, money oil, green money rice, Ching coins, clear Quartz Points and Pyrite gemstones. 

    In Feng Shui the northwest is always a great placement for a wealth bowl.

    Continue to add and work with your wealth bowl in order to keep it activated and providing you with a steady flow of wealth and success. Add coins, bills, money petitions, acorns, Orange peels, green candle etc. It is fine to remove things and to clean the bowl and contents. (This will not deactivate your wealth bowl) 

    Ive added my own personal wealth bowl for inspiration. (Last photo) These are so much fun and they really do work; as long as you’re consistent and you feed it your intentions.