Turquoise Howlite Mala


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A handmade, tranquil turquoise beaded Mala perfect for meditation and prayer. Measures 17” including Tassel. 

Mala beads are a strand of 108 beads used for keeping count during mantra meditations. Malas can also be made of 54, 27, or 21 beads for use in shorter meditations. Malas can be used during meditation, they can be made from gemstones that match the intention of your practice, and often malas are placed in shrines as a reminder of affirmations. Malas are also referred to as mala beads, Buddhist beads or Buddhist prayer beads. Mala beads have been used in Buddhism and Hinduism for centuries.

✦ Howlite is associated with the zodiac sign, Gemini and Crown chakra. It also helps in aligning the chakras.
✦ It is a calming stone that is usually used to relieve anger, tensions, and stress. For those who have a short temper, keeping a howlite gemstone in your pocket may help in keeping you calm.
✦ It teaches you to stay patient and calm. It calms down the overactive mind and controls anxiety.
✦ It also helps you in achieving your goals and ambitions in life by opening your mind and broadening your perspectives.
✦ It also reduces one's critical nature and selfishness. It cuts the negativity in your life and transforms it into positive energy.
✦ It promotes peace, calmness, and kindness, especially in rooms or places where people are together. It also helps in curbing offensive and procrastinating behavior.
✦ It is a great stone for meditation and connecting with higher spiritual powers. It is believed that if placed on the third eye, it helps gain an insight into past lives. It also releases you of emotional attachments linked with people in this life or past life.