A traditional Tibetan singing bowl is a type of bell that vibrates and produces a rich, deep tone when played. Tibetan singing bowls are said to promote relaxation and offer powerful healing properties. 

    Today, singing bowls are commonly used in sound healing practices, meditation sessions, and yoga classes to help participants quiet their minds. In a typical sound-based practice, you strike the bowl with a mallet before moving the mallet in a circular motion around the bowl. This movement emits sounds and vibrations that can soothe the body. The use of singing bowls can decrease tension, anger and fatigue.

    Including a handcrafted (Tibet) metal singing bowl, a beautiful hand sewn soft cushion and a carved wooden mallet with faux suede handle. 

    Bowl Approx 3” Perfect fit for the palm of the hand. 

    Bowls are cleansed and blessed with White Sage Smudge.