• Sycamore Tree Bark


    The Sycamore Tree - Ancestral and Earth Wisdom.

    In mythology, the Sycamore Tree was thought to be the embodiment of the triple goddesses Isis, Nut and Hathor. 

    The Sycamore Tree awakens feminine energies of intuition, beauty and nourishment. It can open us to the energies of love and nature. 

    In a more traditional sense, the Sycamore Tree is considered the tree of strength, protection, health, abundance and favors. 

    Naturally shed from a single Sycamore Tree. 

    Comes in a Large Zip sealed bag. 

    Use the Sycamore Bark to write petitions, for spell work, offerings, Incense, home and personal protection bags, ritual fires, baths etc.