Spell Casting Services by Jennifer Slingsby. 

    I am a longtime witchcraft practitioner and I have used these exact spells, several times in my own personal life, as well as with my clients. I am also a Reiki Master and Teacher.

    All attraction or “Come to me” spells will be done on the next new moon. All banish, release and protection spells will be done on the next full moon, unless it is an Instant Spell. 

    Spell casting services available at this time:Please don’t ask for something that is not listed below.

    -Instant Spell - Physical Healing Spell - Consenting Adults Only

    This is not a cure for disease. Use in conjunction with your doctor’s treatment plan.

    -Instant Spell - Emotional Healing Spell - Consenting Adults Only

    -Sell Your House Spell (Next New Moon)

    -General Good Luck Spell (Next New Moon) 

    -Road Opening Spell - Unblocking Obstacles in Your Way (Next Full Moon) 

    -Instant Spell - Banish Attached Spirits Spell & Personal Protection Spell - Aura Shielding 

    All spell work includes the needed materials. No additional fees are required.  

    Disclaimer: You will need to stay in a positive state of allowing. If there is any doubt, then you reduce the chances of the spells success. If you do not believe in magick, it will not work on your behalf. Spell work does not always happen immediately; you will need to be patient.

    Please connect with me via Facebook Message or Email. I will let you know when the spell will be conducted and walk with you every step of the way. 

    Spell work is never 100% guaranteed.