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    Distance Healing services are currently available for:

    Childhood Trauma - Emotional Healing 

    Please Note - I am not accepting matters that deal with relationships, money, addictions, curses or legal matters.

    I do require the first name and a photo of the person that needs healing. I do not need disclosure of the abuse in order to heal. This service is available worldwide, as I am working with your higher self. 

    $50.00/Candle Healing Service -

    This service is fast acting with relatively quick results (Within days or weeks), but does not last as long as distance healings that are maintained over time. 

    Materials used - Sage Smudge, One Colored

    Candle (Depending on need), Channeling/Meditation, Potions, Gemstones, Oracle card readings, Incense and a Healing Reiki Session. This service includes one of my personal healing dolls. You do not receive a doll. 

    $150.00/Candle Healing Service with a Customized Healing Doll and continued daily maintenance for two weeks.

    Materials used - Sage Smudge, Handmade Healing Doll, Daily Candle Light, Channeling/Meditation, Potions, Flowers/Herbs, Gemstones, Oracle card readings, Incense and. Healing Reiki Session. 

    Your custom healing doll will remain on my personal healing altar between workings. 

    Photos will be provided to you for all healing services. I am always available via email or social media for all questions you may have. I will be here for you every step of the way. 

    Your custom healing doll will be mailed to you at the end of two weeks. I will provide you with tools, materials and instructions on how to continue healing and how to maintain your healing doll. 

    If there is any doubt, then you reduce the chances of success. If you do not believe in distance healing, it will not work on your behalf. You will need to be patient and maintain a state of allowing in order for the distance healing to work. 

    Please always seek professional/medical assistance. Also, understand that this service does not interfere with free will or one’s life path. This service is to provide comfort and healing and is not a cure for disease. 

    Please contact me for this service: