Skulls represent so much more than life and death. Skulls are used to celebrate those who lived before us. Light a skull candle and offer prayers and remembrance to your deceased loved ones and ancestors. 

    Hand poured soy wax. Vegan/Cruelty Free. 9oz - 30-35 hours 

    Place your skull on a plate to catch the wax. Once you have finished burning the candle, you can place the plate in the freezer overnight, the wax will come right off. Can be repurposed as wax melts. Washes easily with warm soapy water. 

    Arrives in a black paper gift box with white or black tissue paper and black crinkle paper. 

    Pumpkin Pie - SOLD OUT

    Apple Cinnamon

    Our Apple Cinnamon Soy Candle is an intense blend of tart and cheerful apples, with a warm heart of cinnamon, and a delightful vanilla, musk base.

    Pink Sugar 

    Our Pink Sugar Soy Candle is a delectable and playful scent. The combination of top notes of Lemon Drops and Raspberries, heart notes of Pink Lily of the Valley and Jasmine, and a base of Vanilla Musk and Cotton Candy produce a sweet and whimsical aroma.


    Patchouli has a strong, earthy scent reminiscent of wood and moss. It is balanced out by sweet mandarin, and wild fern top notes, followed by a delicate rose heart note, along with cedarwood, patchouli and amber base notes.


    Our Lavender Candle is the perfect, delicate scent of fresh lavender blowing in the summer wind.

    Sea Salt & Sage 

    Our Sea Salt & Sage Candlel is a sophisticated scent that is perfect all year round! The combination of top notes of Galbanum and Lime, heart notes of Jasmine and Clover, along with a base of Sandalwood, Musk and Amber produce an opulent aroma that will delight the senses!

    Palo Santo 

    Palo Santo belongs to the woody fragrance family, and it's smell is described as a subtle, sweet, and woody scent with hints of mint, citrus. 

    Witches Brew 

    Robust coffee with notes of vanilla, hazelnut, and cinnamon. 

    Sweet Orange 

    Our Sweet Orange candle offers the nostalgic, juicy, invigorating scent of freshly squeezed oranges.