Simmering Scents 

    These bags are full of all natural, aromatic spices, fruits and herbs. 

    All blends are 100% all natural, vegan, sustainable and cruelty free. 

    Empty the contents of one bag into a pot of boiling water, tea or juice. Then simmer on low and enjoy! Feel free to add your favorite spices, bay leaves, nutmeg, clove or star anise work wonderfully! 

    This aromatic brew not only offers an uplifting and comforting scent, it also humidifies the dry air, making your atmosphere more comfortable.

    I enjoy adding the citrus and sage blend with the apple cinnamon. 

    Simmering Scents are good for a full day/evening of steamy herbal goodness. When you’re done, drain and throw the contents into the compost. 

    Please supervise at all times. 

    Do not leave heated elements unattended. 

    1 cup portions.

    Citrus & Sage


    Dehydrated Red Grapefruit 

    Dehydrated Lemons

    Dehydrated Limes

    Dehydrated Orange

    White Sage Leaves

    Apples & Cinnamon


    Dehydrated Apples