Selenite Massage Wand

    This wand is round on both ends. It can be used as a tool for massage or as a directional energy laser for healing. 

    The pure vibration of white Selenite increases mental clarity and allows you to reach a greater understanding of life’s purpose. It instills peaceful calming energy and protects from outside influences that are not in alignment with your higher purpose. It awakens clairvoyance and enhances spiritual wisdom. Selenite is a potent stone for gridding, especially when used in the apex of the grid, or placed in the four corners of your home or room. 

    Selenite emits a very high angelic vibration that is remarkably refined, allowing easy access to highly charged spiritual energy. This is an excellent stone for Light Workers, as it opens the Crown Chakra while holding the space for safe spiritual transmissions. It creates an aura of protection, immerses the environment in white light, recharges other crystals around it and opens the mind to new ideas. It can help you explore past lives, or improve your understanding of this one.

    Selenite is a stone that never needs to be energetically cleaned, but cleans other stones near it.

    Do not place Selenite in water as it is a form of Gypsum and can disintegrate if wet.

    Includes Aura Cleanse Instructions 

    W 7/8 - 1” x L 6 - 7”