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    Metaphysical Creations Smudge Sprays were created for use in public places.

    Smudge sprays provide all the benefits of smudging, without the smoke. 

    Used remove negative energies and illness from any environment. 

    60ml Glass bottles with sprayer. Sticker Labels  May change. 

    100% Pure Natural Ingredients: Water, White Sage, Lavender Essential Oil, Sea Salt

    When to use

    • Moving into a home
    • After an illness
    • A Housewarming gift
    • Coming home after vacation
    • After a disagreement, break-up, emotional upheaval, or trauma
    • Anytime you detect negative or unwanted energy in your space
    • Between Clients
    • Before an important meeting
    • Before and after parties or open houses

    Where to Use

    • homes
    • offices
    • yoga studios
    • healing spaces
    • open houses
    • ceremonies
    • hotel rooms


    Gently shake. Spray in areas with negative or stagnant energy, or areas that simply need to be re-energized. Only 1-3 sprays in each area will be necessary. After spraying, invoke a personal intention, or simply call in love and light into the space.

    The Smudge Spray leaves a light, pleasant aroma that gently dissipates into the space with all the benefits of traditional sage smudging and more! Perfect for anyone with sensitivities. The aroma is light and energizing with an earthy scent.

    Each bottle of Smudge Spray is hand blended, not manufactured. The formula is created by Metaphysical Creations for the intent of clearing spaces of unwanted and dense energies; leaving the space with a high vibration filled with divine love and light. 

    50ml Glass bottle with sprayer. 

    Any sediment is natural herbs from the curation process. 

    Please reuse and recycle.