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    This Rose Quartz Massager is also known as a Gua Sha Tool. It can be dedicated to a variety of massage techniques, including face and body. This tool has been ergonomically designed to smoothly flow with your skins natural contours. 

    Works excellent as a massager for sore muscles. 

    As a Breast Cancer survivor and Lymphedema patient, I highly recommend this massager for Lymphatic movement and drainage. 

    A massage with a rose quartz will:  

    Reduce puffiness 

    Improve circulation 

    Improve Collagen production 

    Eliminate toxins 

    Lymphatic Drainage

    Improve absorption of creams and serums 

    Improve skin elasticity 

    Calming and relaxing - It feels amazing! 

    Rose Quartz is a calming crystal, so develop an evening ritual to release stress and promote relaxation. 

    For best results, keep your massager in the fridge. Rose Quartz is naturally cold, so keeping it in the fridge will enhance the cooling benefits. Although cooling it is a personal choice. This massager is also great after applying creams or serums, move in an upward, gentle motion. Go over each area three times, using the massager, then switch to the small side for your under eye area. 

    To clean your massager, rinse with warm soapy water and pat dry. Never submerge in water or use in a dishwasher.