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    Mentorship Program - A private, six month mentor/mentee correspondence with Jennifer Slingsby. ABOUT

    Navigating spirituality can sometimes feel overwhelming. Where do you begin in a sea of spiritual teachers, masters and modalities?

    Trust your inner knowing! By listening to your intuition (Your inner guidance system) and observing what resonates, is key.

    This personal mentorship program will allow for unlimited, 24/7 spiritual guidance, distance reiki and online communications for six months. 

    I will work closely with you by dispensing the knowledge and guidance I have received from the higher realms for the past several years. 

    I am here to assist you on your unique path to higher consciousness. I will work intuitively and energetically with you and your spiritual team (Spirit guides), to naturally raise your consciousness, free you from suffering, and empower you to liberate your authentic self. 

    I work with all levels of consciousness and spiritual development  - So all questions are “Good” questions! 

    Online Mentorship includes:
    -Unlimited distance reiki for six months. 
    -Unlimited questions regarding your spiritual journey. (24/7)
    -Intuitive and channeled messages from your higher self and guides.
    -Learning how to self heal, live in the Now moment and becoming the best version of yourself - your authentic self. 

    I look forward to working with you!