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    This offering is for an accurate, in-depth, double palm reading for past, present and future.

    This in-depth reading covers all areas of your life, including personality, travel, illness, traumas, relationships, marriage, children, visits from guides, fate, luck, career, money, psychic abilities etc. 

    Please let me know if there is anything you DO NOT want to know. 

    In order to do a double palm reading, I require good photos of both palms. (This includes fingers and wrists)

    Flex your left and right hand a few times, then relax your hands so your fingers curl slightly. 

    Take a few high resolution photos of your hands. Palm taken vertically (upright). Be sure to include all of your fingers and wrist in the photos. Take photos in natural lighting, on a white or neutral background. Outside is best. 

    Attach photos in an email to: http://www.metaphysicalcreations@hotmail.com

    Once I have received your photos, I will send a detailed report of your hand alchemy via email within 24-72 hours.   
    Wait times may be longer depending on availability. 

    Note: Readings are for entertainment purposes only.