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    This offering is for an in-depth, professional, accurate, double palm reading for past/future reading. I have been reading palms for thirty two years. 

    Flex your left and right hand a few times then relax your hands so your fingers curl slightly. 

    Take a few high resolution photos of your hands. Palm taken vertically (upright). Be sure to include all of your fingers in the photos and take it in clear lighting, on a white background. 
    Upload photos in an email to: http://www.metaphysicalcreations@hotmail.com

    Once I have received viable photos of your hands for the reading, I will send a guide to your hand alchemy via email in 1-3 days.  

    This in-depth reading and covers all areas of your life, including life’s purpose, personality, travel, illness, traumas, relationships, children, visits from guides, fate, luck, gifts, money, psychic abilities etc. 

    Please let me know if there is anything you DON’T want to know. 

    Note: Readings are for entertainment purposes only.