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I am a certified trauma counselor and have dedicated my life to energetically balancing, healing and reuniting child aspects for reintegration.

This offering is for a one hour distance reiki session that will call your child aspects back into your physical body, so that you can begin to feel whole again, Trust me, they always want to come back “Home.”

When we experience trauma, aspects of our soul fragment (Detach) from the physical body. This is a trauma response that assists us in escaping traumatic experiences, that we were not capable of processing at the time. 

When aspects of ourselves fragment, we are left feeling incomplete. You may be experiencing a sense of loss, like something is missing but you don’t know what, sadness, depression, anxiety, introversion, difficulty trusting, connecting and forming lifelong relationships etc. 

During this session, I will assist you in calling back these fragmented aspects and reintegrate them back into your soul. These aspects are typically childhood related but I have worked with adolescent and adult aspects as well. Once aspects are called back into the body, you will begin to feel whole again and many areas of your life will fall into place naturally. 

This session will not stir up bad memories or traumas. There is little to no physical or emotional symptoms other then what you would feel with a regular reiki session. 

I will be able to tell you the estimated age of the fragmented aspect. I will not relate the details of the trauma. Often you won’t even remember what happened at that specific age. This is a normal response. 

Now that you are ready, I will call back the lost aspect(s) and reintegrate them into the heart chakra, where you can nurture and love that child/adolescent self the way it always deserved to be loved. 

Bonus - Most memories (Good and bad) are stored throughout the physical and energetic body. As I call back your aspects, I will also work on clearing any attachments that do not serve your highest good. 

This offering is done at a distance, so that you can be in the comfort of your own home. I specialize is distance energy work, so you are in good hands.

Once your session is complete, I will send you a detailed report of what I have found and recommendations on how to proceed after this treatment. 

Please note that if you have experienced a lot of trauma, I may require at least three sessions. If that is the case, I do offer a discount for consecutive sessions. 

I look forward to working with you.