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    1.5 hour, same day, in-depth Tarot Card Reading by Jennifer Slingsby 

    This is an in-depth reading that focuses on all areas or your life. There is usually a pattern or theme that comes up for this multi faceted reading.

    Reading includes:

    Tarot Cards, Angel Oracle Cards, Crystal Oracle, Channel Work, General Reiki Scan for chakra recommendations. 

    Recent past - Within the past year

    Present - At this now moment

    Near future - Within the next year

    Same day readings:

    Same day can mean any time within a 24 hour period. (Depending on when you order) I may require 48 hours if I am booked. If you need an instant reading. Please Select ‘Instant Reading.  


    Required: Your full name. I only read for the person who places the order. I do not interfere with the free will of others.

    I will do a one hour in depth prediction of your recent past, present and near future. This encompasses all areas. 

    Optional: A picture of yourself (I don’t necessarily NEED this, but it is helpful)

    Questions I do not answer:

    Questions about legal situations.

    Specific timing questions. 

    When you will die/how you will die.

    If you’ll win the lottery.

    If you have health concerns, please see distance reiki. I will need to do a complete body scan for potential health concerns.

    Readings are 98% accurate but are considered entertainment and cannot be regarded as medical advice. Always see a healthcare professional for diagnosis and treatments. 

    I don't accept returns, exchanges, or cancellations. But please contact me if you have any problems with your order.

    Reading are done from a distance in my home. Once I am finished, I will email a detailed report.

    I am available to answer any questions or concerns about your reading. 

    If you require a yes or no answer only - please see pendulum readings. 

    Contact me via email once your order has been processed: