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    This one hour distance reiki offering is for individuals who are experiencing physical pain in the body. 

    Reiki couples well with all traditional western medicine/treatments. 

    I will not only treat the physical pain, I will also focus on the reason for the pain. Emotions, negative energy, trauma and memories are stored in our bodies. If these traumas are not resolved, they turn into physical pain. Pain is an indication that healing is needed. If pain is left unresolved, and emotional traumas are left untreated, they may then result in disease. 

    Allow me to clear the emotional memories stored in the body, and ease your physical pain. Depending on severity, consecutive sessions may be required. 

    All distance reiki sessions are done through email. I will contact you through the email address you have provided. (Within 24 hours) We will then set up a time for the reiki session. Once I have completed your session, I will send you a detailed report with additional recommendations. 

    I look forward to working with you.