Naturally shed Cat Whiskers 

These are naturally shed Black or White Cat Whiskers from my beloved magical cats. 

You will receive one whisker and a list of magical uses/spell page for your book of shadows or grimoire. 

Magical Uses of Cat Whiskers

Cat Whiskers are considered Catalysts for all spells. Since they are loved by Isis, goddess of Magic, they are considered mediums of her magical powers. If you need some extra power in whatever you’re doing, consider adding them. 


According to the old witches, if you want something to happen soon, you should whisper your wish to a cat whisker and then burn it in the flames of a yellow or gold candle. 

Good Luck Spells

Although you’ve probably heard a lot about cats and luck, Cat Whiskers are believed to bestow the owner with Good Luck. Carry them in a mojo bag to increase your luck. 

Protection & Astral Journeys

Witches believe that Cats can walk between the worlds. This is why whiskers are believed to protect us from maleficent energies. Many witches use them when they engage in potentially risky magical activities, to have some extra protection and also conjure the blessings of Bastet. Keep some around your bed for a safer and more magical journey! 

Psychic & Magical Powers

Everyone knows that cats can sense energies better than we can. So, having cat whiskers with you increases your magical potential and your spiritual awareness. 

Create a herbal mix with equal parts of Jasmine and Mugwort, adding Cat Whiskers in it. Burn them to increase your magical powers.

Road Opening Spells 

Cats have the ability to overcome obstacles. Therefore, they can be used in road opener spells to defeat obstacles in your way. 

Invisibility Spell

To hide yourself from enemies – or whenever you feel you are under psychic attack, hide a black whisker near you bed.