• 54 Mixed Gemstone Triquetra with Circle Mala


    Handmade, One of a Kind

    54 Multi Gemstone Tassel Mala.

    Use for spell casting, mantras, prayers, meditation, rituals etc.

    This Mala has been cleansed with Sage  and charged by the full moon.

    Ready to Ship. 


    • mind, body, soul (spirit)
    • maiden, mother, crone
    • past, present, future
    • thought, feeling, emotion
    • Father, Son, Holy Ghost
    • creation, preservation, destruction
    • earth, air, water – three forces of nature
    • life, death, rebirth


    • infinite and eternity
    • protection
    • equality
    • divine femininity
    *A common Mala Mantra is to recite the mantra 'Om Shanti' with each bead, 108 times. Om Shanti is a Sanskrit term, meaning God Peace or Divine Peace. The reason for reciting your mantra 108 times, is to fill all 108 Chakra meridians (Energy centers) with the energy of peace and love. This includes your vibration, as well as the vibration of your space.