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    Professional, accurate palm reading for future predictions. 

    I have been reading palms for thirty two years. 

    Instructions for reading - Flex your right hand a few times then relax your hand so your fingers curl slightly. 

    Take a few high resolution photo of your right hand. Palm taken vertically (upright). Be sure to include all of your fingers in the photos and take it in clear lighting, on a white background. 
    Upload photos in an email to: http://www.metaphysicalcreations@hotmail.com

    Once I have received viable photos of your hand, I will send a guide to your hand alchemy via email in 1-3 days.  

    This mini reading covers personality, career, relationships, children and general health. If you’d like a more in-depth palm reading, that includes, money, travel, luck, psychic abilities, fate, approx age of death, major illnesses etc, please see listing for an in-depth palm reading.  

    Please let me know if there is anything you DON’T want to know. 

    Note: Readings are for entertainment purposes only.