Meditation & Ritual 

    Loose Smudge Blend

    Cleanse, Release & Protect  

    You will receive one 2oz reusable metal tin of Meditation & Ritual Loose Smudge Blend. Use this sacred blend before and after meditation and rituals, by burning the dried herbs and flowers on a charcoal disc.

    Our loose smudge blends can also be used in spells, mojo bags, under your pillow, body oils, baths etc. Try rubbing your favorite oil on a taper or votive candle, then roll the candle in the loose herbs, light the candle and enjoy! 

    White Sage - Cleansing and protecting. 

    Chamomile – Sleep, dreams, love, calming, relaxing, purifying and balancing.

    Lavender – Happiness, peace, love, sleep and clarity.

    Rosemary – Love, mental powers, purification, healing and sleep.

    Marigold – Psychic powers, dreams and happiness.

    Mugwort – Psychic powers, dreams, healing, cleansing and astral travel.