This Healing Spell Candle is made with a proprietary blend of essential oils, herbs and healing intentions. 

    Use this spell candle to assist in directing the intention for emotional and/or physical healing.

    You will need:

    Master Healer Candle

    A quiet, peaceful room.

    (1) Sit quietly for a few moments, and center yourself. Call in your guides, relax, letting all tension fall away. 

    (2) Holding onto the unlit candle say: 

    “I charge this candle with the power of the Goddess, and ask that it be filled with her healing energy.”

    (3) Light the candle, and say, 

    “With the lighting of this candle, I welcome the Goddess into my life, and accept her healing with joy and gratitude.”

    (4) Sit back and breathe deeply and slowly, visualizing the healing energy flowing into you. You can visualize the energy as white, blue, pink, whatever color seems most soothing to you. See this energy flowing around and through you, cleansing you and healing you.

    (5) Repeat, 

    “I accept your healing, Goddess. I accept your healing.”

    You may also wish to state the type of healing that you are in need of. For example, say,

    “I release the emotional pain of my past, and the effects it has on me.” 


    “I release my physical pain to you, Goddess, and ask that I be healed”.

    (6) When the candle has burned as far down as time allows, sit quietly for another few moments, thank the Goddess, extinguish the candle by sniffing it out (Do not blow it out) and proceed with your day.

    This 8” candle will burn for approx 8-10 hours.

    This spell works best if repeated on a daily basis (For three - five days) with the Master Healer Candle. 

    Please practice fire safety. Place this candle in a candle holder with a plate underneath to catch any wax or herbs that fall. 

    I am always available to answer any questions.

    Happy Healing! Good for you!