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    This loose smudge blend was created for travel. It can be used for cleansing and protection. It is highly effective for ridding any environment of negativity, attachments, entities, bad luck, illness etc. 

    Burn a pinch of the smudge blend directly on the lid. (As Always practice fire safety and have water near by.

    Includes 20 Colorful Matchsticks with striker paper on the bottle. 

    Organic Herbs - White Sage, Cedar, Ivy, Basil, Mint, Cloves, Sandalwood, Rosemary

    Comes in a 2oz (60ml) Metal Reusable Tin 

    All smudging products include detailed instructions and a universal smudging prayer. 

    Although all of our smudging products are organic, please never burn smudge (Loose or stick) around pets or children. I personally recommend closing the door, opening the window, and smudging one room at a time. Leaving doors closed and windows open for a minimum of one hour.