Mental Health Cleanse Loose Smudge Blend

    It’s okay to take a mental health day! This smudge blend was made for cleansing your body and soul of negativity that has been collected from toxic environments. It’s like pressing the reset button on yourself. Ground, release and protect your auric field. 

    Burn a pinch on a heated charcoal disc. Our loose smudge blends can also be used in spells, mojo bags, under your pillow, body oils, baths, candle toppers etc. 

    All of our smudge blends come with detailed instructions and a universal smudging prayer. 

    Organic Botanicals of Canadian Cedar, White Sage, Lemon Grass and Patchouli 

    Although all of our smudging products are organic, please never burn smudge (Loose or stick) around pets or children. I personally recommend closing the door, opening the window, and smudging one room at a time. Leaving doors closed, and windows open for a minimum of one hour.

    2oz Silver Metal Twist Lid Tin