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    Lemongrass Pure Soy Candle made with organic dried Lemongrass and Lemongrass Essential Oil.

    Lemongrass is used for protection, to repel evil, help with psychic abilities, solve problems, cleansing and healing. 

    The cleansing action of lemongrass is two-fold—it clears obstacles standing in your way and has developed a reputation for being an important ingredient in Road Opening magical work. Its also known to help in changing bad luck to good - especially with those who have been afflicted by negative energies.

    Because of its ability to cleanse many conditions, lemongrass is sometimes used in Love Magic.

    Topped with a lemongrass crescent moon and clear Quartz Crystal. Scented with essential oil throughout. 

    Medium 8 ounce glass jar with metal lid. 

    Large 12 ounce glass jar with metal lid.