• In Depth Palm Reading Session

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    Palm Reading

    This information can be used to help you understand your motivations, what is holding you back, relationships, desires and perhaps even unlock parts of yourself that you didn’t even know you possessed.

    I have been reading palms for 28 years. I practice Palmistry with the understanding that the lines and markings on our left hand are what we are born with and the lines and markings on the right hand is what we do with our life. Please keep in mind that palmistry is fluid. We all have free will and therefore have the ability to change our future. The markings on your hands will change during and after major life shifts, older lines will stay the same. 

    What I require to read your palm:

    Photograph Right hand only with excellent lighting - no shadows. 

    Photograph with your right hand facing upwards (Fingers to the sky) 

    Photograph full hand including your fingers and wrist. Also photograph the side of your pinky finger where it meets your palm. 

    If you do not want to know certain things, please let me know before the reading. 

    Please send these photos and your name via Email or Facebook message to:

    Facebook Message:


    I will respond to your message as promptly as possible. Please keep time zones in mind. 

    *Please note - you will still be required to provide your address at checkout, because the system doesn’t realize it’s a service rather than a product. This information is only seen by me and is kept 100% confidential.

    Readings will never be 100% accurate, because we all have free will. A large portion of the readings are predicting your future based on your current circumstances. These can always change. I have an approximate 90% accuracy to date. 

    Please understand this is for entertainment purposes only and should not be regarded as medical advice.