• Hot Foot Powder - Banishing & Protection


    Handmade Hot Foot Powder

    Hot Foot Powder is a old traditional hoodoo recipe used to get rid of your enemies by laying the powder in their shoe or footsteps so they will walk away and not return. 

    How to use:

    -Sprinkle hot foot powder across the thresholds or entrances of your house for protection against thieves and unwanted people.

    -Sprinkle hot foot powder around the property of your home to keep out harmful energies.

    -Sprinkle hot foot powder into the footprint or shoes of people you want to remove from your life.

    -Lift the dirt from unwanted peoples’ footprints, mix it with your hot foot powder, and dress and light a black candle to remove those unwanted people from your life.

    -Sprinkle hot foot powder around your desk or cubicle at work to keep drama away.

    Handmade Hot Foot Powder Ingredients:

    Black Sea Salt 

    Cayenne Pepper 

    Black Pepper 

    Chili Powder

    Red Sandalwood Powder

    1 Hornets nest

    You will receive a small zip sealed bag approx two tablespoons. Includes instructions.