Heart Healing - Release Childhood Trauma

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I have worked with childhood trauma survivors for more then fifteen years. I am a certified trauma counselor, as well as a reiki master. This combination allows me to go within your physical and energetic systems to see where trauma is being stored as memory. 

Once the trauma has been identified, I then move the trauma to the heart chakra for processing and releasing if necessary. 

This session also involves calling back your fragmented child aspects, so that you may begin to feel whole again. Sometimes when we experience trauma, a fragment of our self (spirit energy) detaches and leaves the body because the experience is to painful. Fragmented aspects are like missing puzzle pieces. 

I will take the time to explain everything in full detail. You will be encouraged to make all of these decisions for yourself. You choose what stays and what goes. You are in complete control of what happens. 

At the end of this session, I will provide you with recommendations, so that you may continue to do the work on your own.