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    Childhood Trauma/Abuse Gemstone Set:

    For use during prayer/meditation. Hold this gemstone set close to your body, and allow the gentle healing vibrations to penetrate and ease your emotional pain. 

    Amethyst - Is good for courage, healing, recovery and stress relief. Protects against nightmares. Transmutes emotions. Useful for sobriety. Good to use in meditation to increase intuition, connect to the spiritual planes or open the third eye.

    Lepidolite - Soothing Stone. Eases trauma, anxiety, panic attacks and depression. Dissolves emotional blockages and anger, allowing healing to occur. Helps to transition depression into joy. Helpful in healing addiction. Contains trace amounts of lithium, which aids in emotional imbalance and sleep disorders. An appropriate stone for those who experience bipolar mood swings.

    Orange Calcite - helps activate childhood memories that are ready to be released and reframed.

    Rose Quartz - A widely known stone with a multitude of uses. The stone of Universal Love. It helps those who suffer from depression as it is very comforting. Provides soothing and healing energy for the heart chakra. Purifies the heart chakra, easing the forgiveness process. Assists you in being gentle with yourself and developing self-love as well as unconditional love for others. Helps with Stress Management. Restores harmony and trust in relationships. A go to stone for almost any emotional imbalance or heart chakra healing.

    Apache Tear - They are strong stones for grounding and protection, and to aid you to clear negative emotions that may be holding you back.