Happy Mail Subscription - Monthly Subscription

Free Shipping!

Welcome to your Happy Mail Subscription! 
This is a monthly service that delivers a metaphysical mystery gift, directly to your doorstep, every month! 

You can choose your price point every month. You will always get more then you paid for with this subscription. You will need to be fairly consistent with this service in order to reap it’s benefits. (Skipping here and there is fine)

Becoming a subscriber will grant you entry into “MC After Dark” a designated Facebook page for members. On this page I will post information, updates, coupon codes, behind the scenes photos, videos etc. 

Happy Mail subscribers also receive 15% off all orders!! Use code: happymail

With your Happy Mail Subscription you will also receive an intuitively selected Oracle Card each month. I will sometimes include a small piece of artwork for your BOS/Grimoire or journal. 

If you tag Metaphysical Creations when sharing a photo of your happy mail on social media, you will receive a bonus gift in your next months mail! 

It is my goal to make each and everyone of you feel like the gods and goddesses you are! You mean so much to me and you deserve to be pampered like royalty! 
Payments for each month will be due at the end of each month. Example - June’s Happy Mail will need to paid for before May 31st. Shipping/Delivery fees are included in the price of your package. 

Please note -  I will not be sending out individual reminders for this service. I will post general reminders on the Facebook pages. 

I look forward to putting these packages together every month and I know you guys love receiving them!