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    Looking to silence a negative person that has you tied up in knots? 

    This spell session will silence the perpetrator, causing them to cease their behaviors towards you. This can be an ex partner, coworker, boss, family member etc. The redirection of energy will have them taking a good look at themselves, and the pain they have caused you. Encouraging change and growth in themselves. This spell work does not cause harm to anyone. 

    This is a private, confidential spell session. It can be done energetically anywhere in the world. I will connect with you every step of the way. 
    This spell will be conducted within 24-48 hours after order confirmation. 

    I have had a 100% success rate with my banishing methods. Feel confident in knowing that your life is about to change. If you have any doubts, this spell work is not for you; as our thoughts create our reality. If you believe it, you will receive it! 

    This offering creates harmony between two individuals. I will only work with the person who places the order. 

    What I require: 
    Full names of both individuals and some details about their negative behaviors.