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    Gemstone Sleep Pillows were created to promote the best sleep possible. 

    This quintuple of gemstones can be programmed like all gemstones, to hold the intention of a restful sleep. Hold the gemstone bag in your hand and infuse your intentions. 

    Black Tourmaline for removing negative energy and protecting ones auric field from psychic attack and illness. 

    Pink Tourmaline for emotional healing and self love. 

    Amethyst’s inherent high frequency purifies the aura of any negative energy or attachments and creates a protective shield of Light around the body. 

    Clear Quartz can be used for purifying and balancing the chakras, integrating the light body into the physical dimension and creating a deep state of meditative awareness grounding the information received from the cosmic realm into the physical.

    Rose Quartz "the loving stone", Rose Quartz emits vibrations of love, harmony, and peace. Because of its soothing and calming effects, Rose Quartz is popular for the bedroom, bringing a sense of tranquility to your space. It opens your heart to give and receive love, perfect for those looking to improve their romantic relationships.

    Rose Quartz is known to improve your sleep quality and will help you to have pleasant dreams. Simply hold the stones in your hand before bed and focus on any problems you may have, and the stone will ease your anxiety and bring forth positive vibes to your bedroom.

    All gemstones have been washed and cleansed with cedar smoke. All gemstones can be washed and smudged as needed. 

    Tip - Hold onto your gemstone pouch just before falling asleep, then tuck it underneath your pillow for the best results. 

    Approx 65g of gemstones in a purple Satin drawstring bag.

    Sweet Dreams!