Feminine Empowerment Chakra Gift Set

    Large Tumbled Crystals with a Selenite Aura Cleanse Wand. 

    A powerful Reiki healing ritual has been performed to each of these sets. I promise you will feel the energy of warmth and comfort showering you with the love you deserve. I’m very passionate when I receive the honor of assisting a fellow women become her best self! 

    The perfect gemstone set for self love, willpower, strength, healing, courage and protection. 

    Regularly purchased for breakups, separation and divorce, but can also be used for any major life change/decision. 

    These gemstones have received a reiki healing and have been cleansed and charged for optimal performance. 

    Clear Quartz (Crown of Head - Divine intervention, wisdom, guidance) 

    Amethyst (Third Eye - See the truth) 

    Sodalite (Throat - Speak your true)

    Rose Quartz (Heart - Self Love)

    Selenite Wand (Aura Cleanse)

    Golden Healer (Solar Plexus Chakra  - Willpower) 

    Gold Tigers Eye (Sacral Chakra - Courage/Strength)

    Black Tourmaline (Root - Remove Negativity/Protection from further negativity)

    Tip - When you’re not using the gemstones, keep them stored together  in their pouch, along with the selenite wand, which will clear any absorbed negativity from all the other gemstones, so they will be ready to use again.(Within hours)

    Includes a Blank Card, Black 5x7” Satin Drawstring Bag, White gloss paper gift box and detailed instructions.