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    Enchanted Anti Anxiety Talisman

    This listing is for one glass spell bottle designed to combat worry, stress and anxiety.

    This talisman has been blessed and charged to help create positive thoughts and repel negative energies and spirits.

    Each bottle is handmade and completely unique. Made with a mix of herbs, salts, botanicals and gemstones to ward off negative energies and protect you and your surroundings.

    Includes a powerful  prayer (Right on the bottle) to empower the talisman. I have also added a selenite wand to cleanse your bottle between uses. 

    Hold onto the bottle and repeat the prayer three times when you are feeling stressed, anxious or worried. The contents will last forever and the spell will remain effective, as long as the seal is not broken. 

    Wax sealed glass bottle 5.5” x 3” 

    This is not a cure for anxiety. Please seek medical assistance for correct diagnosis and treatment plans.