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Hello, My name is Jennifer Slingsby, I am a certified Reiki Master/Teacher. 

Reiki is my passion, it is my offering to you. I have assisted in healing a wide variety of issues, including physical pain, emotional pain/trauma, clearing blockages in the chakra, addressing pain, exhaustion, illness, disease etc. 

How Distance Reiki Works: Distance Reiki is my favorite healing modality. I use signs and symbols given to me during my training called “reiki attainments.” These symbols are passed down from teacher to student. The combination of these symbols and prayer, call in guidance from ascended reiki masters, guides, angels, higher self, ancestors and spirit. The energy is received from the top of my head. (Crown Chakra) This loving/healing energy moves through me, and into the person receiving the distance reiki, through my hands. I then work on all chakras, seal any holes or tears in the auric field, provide balance, initiate self healing for any pain, illness, disease etc. I am able to read the energetic body. I relate that information back to the recipient. I offer a full, easy to understand report, as well as tips at the end of every session. 

Step by step for our session. 

1) We will connect via email or social media message. We will discuss your symptoms and pain locale. You can share as much, or as little as you want to. We will then set up a time for your session. 

2) Before your session, I will provide you with meditation music and walk you through every step of the way. (Music is optional) 

3) I encourage smudging, candles or incense. This sets the “mood” and clears the air of unwanted energies. 

4) You may lay down and relax in the comfort of your own home. I will connect with your energy field and conduct the Reiki session. 

5) During the session, I recommend several deep cleansing breaths. Drinking plenty of water for a few days following your session is also beneficial to clear out unwanted energies.

6) I will connect with you immediately after your session. I will discuss your chakra system and offer guidance. 

During your session you may feel deep relaxation, warmth, comfort, or tingling. There is often a release of emotions. This includes sleepiness, crying, laughing, creative expression etc. This is common. 

Reiki healing can last for several days, weeks or months. Regular sessions are encouraged to maximize Reiki’s healing benefits. 

Reiki is not a cure for a medical diagnosis. Please always seek medical assistance.