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    Just as we cleanse our physical bodies to remain healthy and disease free, we need to focus on our auric field health as well. Our auric field is an extension of our physical body. 

    The auric field is our first line of defense against penetration and release from negative energy, disease, illness, environment, entities, curses, hexes, bad intentions, bad mojo, traumatic memories, lower vibrations, emotions etc. 

    This 30 minute distance Reiki session will focus on seeking out any inconsistencies, stuck energy, blocks, tears, holes etc in your personal auric field. I will then send in energetic healing, repair and protection to your auric bodies. 

    Once the session is complete, I will share the results of your auric scan, and offer helpful suggestions to protect and keep your auric field in pristine condition. This will allow you to have complete control of what comes in and what stays out. 

    Please see my ‘Distance Reiki’ offerings for complete information on how I conduct my distance Reiki services. 

    Auric field encompasses:
    Physical field: Lowest in frequency. Regulates the human body.

    Etheric field: Blueprint for the physical structure that it surrounds. There is also an etheric human energy field for the soul.

    Emotional field: Regulates the emotional state of the organism.

    Mental field: Processes ideas, thoughts and beliefs.

    Astral field: A nexus between the physical and spiritual realms. Free of time and space.

    Etheric template: Exists only on the spiritual plane and holds the highest ideals for existence.

    Celestial field: Accesses universal energies and serves as a template for the etheric fields.

    Causal field: Directs lower levels of existence.

    I look forward to assisting you on your journey.