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    These Chamomile and Grapefruit bath salts are made with all natural, vegan and cruelty free ingredients. They contain no harmful chemicals, baking soda, color or preservatives. 

    Infused with a Tigers Eye Gemstone for Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakra activation. 

    Feeling down? Anxious and unbalanced? Try taking a bath with this soak a few hours before bedtime. A blend of Chamomile and Grapefruit essential oils and Pink Grapefruit slices in a Epsom Salt base will help to detox your skin, lift your spirit, calm and quiet your mind, leaving you feeling totally relaxed.

    Draw a warm bath, pour in one - two cups of bath salts and soak for 20 minutes. 

    Ingredients: Premium Epsom Salts, Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil, Chamomile Essential Oil, Dried Pink Grapefruit, Tigers Eye Gemstone 

    16oz resealable bag.

    Use the Tigers Eye Gemstone on your Solar Plexus or Sacral Chakra during meditation, or carry it in your pocket for courage, strength, empowerment, energy, fearlessness etc. 

    Why Grapefruit?

    Grapefruit essential oil helps to stimulate the lymphatic system and eliminate excess water weight. It also helps to boost circulation and diminish the appearance of cellulite. Studies have found that even smelling grapefruit can boost metabolism and speed weight loss. It’s also very high in limonene, which helps protect cells from free radical damage.

    These bath salts can also be used to:

    Ease muscle aches and pain

    Relieve stress

    Draw toxins from the body

    Offer a more restful sleep

    Heal minor skin conditions & irritations

    Alleviate symptoms of anxiety as well as depression

    Moisturize and hydrate the skin

    Reduce inflammation 

    Increase blood circulation

    Enhance mood

    Brighten skin 

    Balance emotions 

    AND MORE!