These enchanted 8” taper candles have been charged with the energy of gently cutting ties with an ex partner. Bringing in a smooth separation, compassion, lessons learned, eliminating harsh emotions, bitterness, contempt and anger. 

    This candle can be used at any point during or after a separation. (Even years later)

    Handmade candles infused with oils and Black and Pink Tourmaline gemstones. 
    Black Tourmaline for grounding, banishing and protecting.
    Pink Tourmaline for support during transitions, emotional healing and self love. 

    Burn this candle on a Sunday or on a full moon. Add your intentions by carving your names into the candle. Hold onto the candle and infuse your intentions. It helps to write it out and say it out loud. Then light the candle and allow it to burn all the way down. Never blow out an intention candle. If you need to work with the candle in sessions, snuff the candle out with a snuffer,  a cup etc. There is no need to charge the candle. It will hold your energy until you can work with it again. 

    All of our intention candles include a mantra or prayer to recite before lighting your candle.