• Third Eye Chakra - Clear Quartz Merkaba For Deep Spiritual Connection


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    Small Clear Quartz Meditation Merkaba 

    Sacred Geometry/Metatron’s Cube

    Merkaba - Mer-ka-ba- Healing Crystals are known for activation of the Light Body merged with the Physical Body in Awakening deep Spiritual Transformation.

    As a Healers Tool, these Quartz Merkaba Stars extend a focused pulse of intention not only for transverse distance healing but also reaching through the Astral Realms and affecting healing in time. 
    With practiced effort, it is said that you can send energy through time and extend your Journey-Quest into the Astral Realms.

    I personally use mine on my third eye chakra, as well as crown chakra during meditation. I am able to achieve a deep state of relaxation, as well as clarity and profound insight from my spirits and guides.