• In Depth Palm Reading & Intuitive Channeled Messages

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    This reading includes channeled messages from your higher self, angels, loved ones or guides, as well as an in-depth palm reading.

    We all arrived on earth for a reason, I will be able to tell you what your life purpose is, fate, travel, material wealth, obstacles to look out for such as illness, relationships etc. Keep in mind that you cannot change your past but you can change your future. We all have free will, which means we have the ability to make changes in our life’s path. 

    Channeling involves an energetic reading from your higher self, spirits, guides, loved ones or angels. This will only work if you are in a state of allowing. This kind of reading will give you information that your higher self wants you to know. It typically relates to your present circumstances. Although I will sometimes be able to channel loved ones who have passed, that have a message for you. Each reading is different. 

    For these readings please send me a RECENT full face colored photo and ONE colored photo of your right hand, including wrists. Fingers should face the sky and be slightly curled. Please let me know if there is anything you DON’T want to know. 

    Please note that wait times may vary depending on my wait list. I try to get readings done within 24 hours of purchase.

    Readings will never be 100% accurate, because we all have free will. A large portion of the readings are predicting your future based on your current circumstances. These can always change. 

    Please understand this is for entertainment purposes only and should not be regarded as medical advice.