If you’re looking to improve your spiritual wellbeing and physical health, you might want to try using chakra stones. 

    These stones are in fact gemstones that correspond to each of the chakras, or centers of energy, in the body. They assist in unblocking and balancing the seven chakras, improving your overall well-being.

    Root Chakra #1 - Black Tourmaline 

    Sacral Chakra #2 - Tigers Eye 

    Solar Plexus #3 - Citrine

    Heart Chakra #4  - Green Aventurine

    Throat Chakra #5 - Sodalite 

    Third Eye Chakra #6 - Amethyst 

    Crown Chakra #7 - Clear Quartz 

    Includes a Selenite Chakra Charging Plate to cleanse your Crystals between use.