Archangel Michael Sacred Clearing & Protection Candle instills courage and provides protection. Archangel Michael is the great protector and guide of light and love. 

    To the Abrahamic religions, the Archangel Michael is considered to be the superior angel among all the angels. Archangel means “chief angel” and the Hebrew translation of Michael is, “who is like God.” In art and iconography, Michael is most often depicted as a warrior, wielding a shield and sword. 

    Anyone can connect with Archangel Michael in their times of need or despair. The best way to reach him is through prayer and meditation. 

    Archangel Michael gives the petitioner strength, protection from harm and courage to help others in need. Archangels are not limited to time or space, so call out to Michael whenever you may need his powerful protection or encouraging guidance.

    Scent - Coriander and bergamot top notes with a heart of orange and amber, all blended in with a beautiful earthy base of frankincense, myrhh, and dark musk.

    These angelic candle scents were chosen by referencing biblical, and spiritual literature and channeled wisdom. I work directly with these Archangels during the creation of these highly vibrational candles. 

    Includes a prayer card to recite before lighting the candle. 

    Gemstones: Clear Quartz, Black Obsidian, Citrine, Ruby, Labradorite 

    Vegan/Cruelty Free 

    8oz/250ml Glass Jar - 55hr burn time