Remove Negativity/Protection - Black Tourmaline Nuggets


You will receive one small piece of raw Black Tourmaline.

Black Tourmaline - Is best known as a protective stone that blocks negative energy of others and your environment. It is grounding and reduces anxiety and stress. Soothing for trauma survivors. 

Sleep with black tourmaline in your pillowcase to purify and cleanse your emotional body of negative thoughts, anger, feelings of worthlessness or anxiety. Use it to help you overcome substance abuse, suicidal thoughts, or self-harming tendencies. It may aid in obsessive compulsive thoughts and behaviors and release chronic worry.

Tip - These small nuggets make great cleansers for home or in your work space.

I place them on every window ledge and doorway in my home.

Here is another way to cleanse and protect your space.

You will need a Mason Jar, 2 TB of sea salt, enough water to fill the jar halfway and some black tourmaline. 

Draw your blinds, open your windows and pull back all the curtains to allow the maximum amount of fresh air and sun light into your space.

Sweep and clean your front door – entrance to your home – to keep the energy positive and uplifted.

Clean your stovetop – this symbolizes your financial and health life.

Hold your Tourmaline in both your hands and set an intention for the energy of your space.

Fill your jar halfway with water. Add your black tourmaline and sea salt to your jar.

Place your Mason jar in a central area of the room you want to clear.

Leave your jar in place for 24 to 48 hours.

After this time period has passed, take your crystal out, rinse it and place it outside in the sun for a minimum of 48 hours to clear and recharge it.

Pour the water mixture into the toilet, flush it and watch all the negative energies go down the toilet.

Clean your jars and wash your hands.

Repeat as often as needed.