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    Angel quartz is an exceptionally high vibration crystal that exudes positivity and light. The meaning behind this ethereal stone is purity, joy, peace, and clarity.

    This crystal is dedicated to elevating your mood, releasing tension, and supporting your quest for authenticity. In addition to supporting your physical and mental states, angelic quartz can also give your spiritual self a boost.

    Angel aura quartz can also be used as a potent aura cleanser. If your aura is feeling a little dull, using angel quartz can reinstate a sense of color, radiance and light. Some people believe that by using or wearing angel aura quartz, they can see others’ auras with more clarity.

    Able to soothe emotional or spiritual distress, angel aura quartz can support you by lifting your vibration and sending you peace of mind. It can also help you to think more clearly and can unlock the potential for love to guide your decisions.

    From a mental and emotional perspective, angel quartz can help you gain clarity and vanquish anxiety or low vibration thoughts. People who struggle with overthinking or worry can especially benefit from this stone.

    Price is for one small Aura Quartz approx 1/2” - 1”