• Aromatherapy Mala - Triquetra Black Lava Beaded Mala


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    Handcrafted Mala - 8mm Black Lava Beads with a Silver Triquetra and a Black Silk Tassel. 

    Lava Stone is excellent for protection, and doubles as aromatherapy jewelry. (The stones absorb essential oils) 

    Use your Mala for prayer, meditation or mantra work. (Counting Beads)

    For the pagans who revered nature and saw the hands of their gods in all things, the Three could be God, Goddess and Man; it could represent the three realms, Heaven, Hell and Earth; others could have seen it as the world around us in sky, land and sea; or, as is popular in Wiccan circles today, they could have interpreted the triquetra as the three aspects of the female: Mother, Maiden and Crone.