This offering is for connectivity and guidance from your higher self. Your higher self is the greatest, purest version of you. Your eternal essence. 

Our higher selves are continuously sending us messages, nudges, guidance through synchronicities etc. The trouble is, is that we are often consumed with life’s tasks and responsibilities, that we become oblivious to these messages. 

I have the ability to connect with your higher self and relay these messages that need to be heard. I often receive several messages during a 30 minute session. These messages can benefit all areas of ones life. From general health, wellness practices to your life’s purpose. These messages will always be for your greatest good. 

If this offering resonates with you, then you are encouraged to book a reading. Your higher self will thank you for it. 

This reading requires nothing more then your openness to accept what is meant for you to hear at this time. 

I will complete the reading remotely via energy reading. Energy has no boundaries and can be read with your permission at any time and location. Once your reading is completed, I will send you a report via the email you have provided. (Within 24 hours) 

This reading is a form of mediumship, although I consider myself to be an open channel.

I look forward to working with you.