When we are bombarded with negativity, pain, world tragedies, disasters etc. our spirit, although still connected to us, will literally leave our body through the top of our head (Crown Chakra) to be in the higher realms where it is more pleasant. When we escape, we feel lightheaded, dizzy, spacey, like we are observing our life and not actually participating. 

The reason we want to be in our physical bodies, is that we are the best versions of ourselves when we are grounded, connected and whole.

How to “Ground” 

Place your feet on the floor, imagine roots growing out of your feet and down into Mother Earth. Anchor these roots into Mother Earths core. Then, call your spirit back into your body through the top of your head. Many of you will feel this, if you’ve been operating outside of your body. You may feel a drop, make sure you’re seated. 

Practice this whenever you’re feeling disconnected. Let me know if you have any questions. 

Abundant Blessings,



An awakening is when a soul goes from unconscious to conscious. (From personal suffering to inner peace) There is no wrong way to awaken and everyone’s timelines and experiences are different. 

Stage One - You are asleep and don’t know it. 

Going through the motions of life. Following culture and laws of the land. 

Your identity defines you. 

We see the world as black-and-white. 

Stage one is ego-based. 

Happiness is based on externals. 

Emotions rule (From moment to moment feelings)

Flash feelings that there is something more.

Stage Two - The stage of questioning

Doubts  turn to questions. 

A growing discomfort in our lives that something is wrong or missing. 

We start to question rules, beliefs and laws. 

We don’t know ourselves outside of our public identity. 

We may feel lost and blame others for our dysfunctions. 

Might move from victim to survivor in this stage. Typically we are still blaming others and feeling powerless. 

We begin to ask “Who am I?”

We are still enslaved in the reality we know. 

We are still asleep. 

Unconscious programs are still running our lives. 

We still seek approval from others. 

We are still seeking happiness in other people, places and things.

Stage Three - The stage of introspection 

The start of conscious evolution.

Immense personal or spiritual growth. 

We retreat inwards and find answers within ourselves. 

We release programming that was instilled by parents, teachers, society, religion etc. 

We may experience grief and relief from letting go of programs. 

We now recognize how asleep we have been. 

Most people we know were still asleep. 

We are still focused on all that is wrong with ourselves and the world. 

We learn to let go of unsatisfying jobs, relationships, families, friendships, organizations etc. 

Stage three is the longest and most challenging stage. 

We withdraw from society. 

We no longer see the world as black-and-white or good or bad. 

We may feel disconnected from other human beings. 

We feel lonely, and feel like no one understands us. 

Issues of worthiness often surface in the stage. 

We may still seek approval or appreciation. 

May begin spiritual practices such as meditation, yoga or mindfulness. 

We are beginning to see that our thoughts create our reality. 

We no longer look outside for happiness. 

The sense of your higher self grows stronger. 

Ego death takes place at the end of stage three. 

We may not know how to live our lives or what our purpose is. 

There is a sense that something is waking up inside of us.

Stage Four - The stage of resolution 

Your true self finally overshadows your false self or ego self. 

A deep peace of knowing who you are. 

More harmony and balance. 

You have mastered the art of letting go and surrendering to a higher power. 

Doubt is replaced with faith and trust. 

Your past and present makes sense. 

You have forgiven everyone for everything including yourself. 

You no longer blame anyone for anything. 

You no longer try to prove your worth. 

You experience unconditional self love. 

You no longer wish to fit in, or be “normal.”

All your relationships improve. 

You may be guided to share about your awakening. 

You may be more intuitive and access intelligence. 

You feel as if you have access to unlimited information. 

You live in the moment. 

You have gratitude and appreciation for everything. 

You are more easy-going and lighthearted. 

You no longer need anything to make you happy. 

Emotions no longer control your choices or relationships. 

Your higher self has integrated into your physical body. 

You are finally conscious and awake.

Stage Five -  The stage of conscious creation

You realize the purpose and point to life can be anything you choose. 

Work and play merge into one. 

You no longer do anything out of obligation or need. 

You are guided by inspiration and desire. 

You attract communities that support the betterment of society. 

You can now consciously create the life you desire. 

You now have a pure connection with prime creator.

I hope this was helpful! 


Metaphysical Creations